insecurity in the dropping out of children,

Nigeria has about 18.5 million children who do not go to school according to the United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF. Of these, about 60% are girls. That is almost double compared to last year’s figure. The main reason is insecurity.

Last year, Unicef ​​estimated at 10.5 million the number of children who did not go to school in the most populous country in Africa. This increase is explained by the many attacks carried out on schools by jihadists and criminal gangs in the north, according to Unicef.

“These attacks on schools have been mainly targeted at girls, which has undermined parents’ confidence in school safety and discouraged them from sending their children there,” explains Azuka Menkiti, the organization’s education specialist, with Christina Okello of RFI’s Africa editorial staff. . . We are therefore concerned that these girls have to travel long distances to get to the lesson and expose themselves to all forms of violence along the way. We call on the government to create additional schools, especially within a radius of two kilometers, to ensure that all children can go to school. “

Child abductions are frequent and increasing. We remember the spectacular kidnapping, in April 2014 – eight years ago high school girls from Chibok. Even today, one hundred teenage girls are still missing.

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“Although we fight for access to education for all, the interest of girls is particularly important to us: girls play an important role in society, as mothers, as women. If we can not send them to school to meet the challenges of health “Infant mortality, maternal mortality, malnutrition, the whole of Nigeria will suffer.”

Unicef ​​calls for better access to education for girls in northern Nigeria.

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