In the spotlight: the drama of Melilla

Thirty dead and more than a hundred injured: this is the number of attempts to cross on Friday in the Spanish enclave of Melilla with about 1,500 migrants from sub-Saharan Africa.

“The scope of the experiment, as well as its organized nature, surprised all actors who would ensure border management,” points out Young Africa . (…) It was at the Barrio Chino border post, south of the fence, which is known to be one of the easiest to cross, that the first clashes broke out early in the morning between the Moroccan security forces and the migrants, reports the Pan-African side . (…) Some of these desperate people came with shoe hooks and screws to better hold on to the fence that separates the two territories. control the situation by trying to repel the crowd in a muscular way to say the least. ”

Violence from migrants and abuse by the police? On the other hand, the Moroccan press condemns the violence from migrants: “Armed with clubs, metal rods and weapons with blades, many attackers this time seemed determined to cross the supposed barriers of impenetrable areas in Melilla, even if it means fighting,” he said. Opinion. The response, harsh but certainly not disproportionate (…), made it possible to stop the attack. On the other hand, it could not prevent the tragic deaths of 23 migrants, most of whom succumbed to supporting and killing falls from the top of metal fences erected by the Spanish authorities. The coming days will tell us whether or not there has been abuse and whether our soldiers and our police had the choice of methods other than those deployed last Friday. But we must lament, L’Opinion proclaims again, that as long as our eastern borders remain permeable to the infiltration of thousands of candidates for illegal immigration, under the sympathetic eye of the Algerian regime, which today seeks to recapture the deaths of poor souls in need of blackening down the image of our country, this drama will certainly not be the last.

Morocco in the front lineThe daily Today, still in Morocco, points to the fact that the Sheriff’s Kingdom is “often alone in dealing with illegal migration.” Nevertheless, he continues, “Morocco is taking unparalleled action in the field of migration and voluntarily joining international efforts to preserve the dignity of migrants.” But that is not enough: “Today, the international community must mobilize, confirms the Moroccan daily newspaper, and especially the countries of destination for migrants, to find lasting solutions to a phenomenon that unfortunately risks taking hold in the next few years.”

A synergy of action? “Sooner or later, the pressure cooker will jump,” he adds The countryin Burkina Faso, especially if Europe, which is nevertheless responsible for the economic catastrophe and the impoverishment of Africans with the plunder of the continent’s wealth, continues to barricade itself. Like Italy or Spain who refuse to receive in their territories, the flood of survivors (…). To disarm this social bomb and avoid tragedies at sea and on land, a synergy of action is needed, Burkinabè believes daily, especially as the responsibility is shared between the countries of departure, which see young migrants more as spoilers only as victims, and immigration countries, who see them as parasites , without forgetting, of course, the African brothers living in Europe, who turn into real sellers of illusions through overrated images that make people want young people who have stayed in the country to try the adventure at the risk of their lives.

Finally for Mourya Niger’s voice “The political will of all African powers must be universal to offer their citizens better living conditions. (…) Priorities must be the only national interest (…). Everything that proposes a better distribution of wealth, the creation of jobs for young people and good living conditions for all, good governance, respect for human rights, the end of conflicts, security for goods and people, the establishment of a health policy even in the most remote villages and extinction of terrorism. Comprehensive program…

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