In the spotlight: Mali, with the placement under lockdowns of

Soumeylou Boubeye Maïga and former Malian Economy Minister Bouaré Fily Sissoko are behind bars for a particular case of alleged fraud, known as the purchase of the “presidential plane”.

The former IBK Prime Minister was arrested yesterday Thursday by order of the Prosecution Chamber in Mali’s Supreme Court. Soumeylou Boubeye Maïga is really in the crosshairs of Malian justice due to the purchase of a presidential plan in 2014, when he was Minister of Defense. A market attached by the independent Malian authority which is the auditor general. Which condemned methods of over-invoicing, embezzlement of public funds, fraud, influence and favoritism during this acquisition.

“The Case”, launches, in Mali itself, the newspaper Malikilé, warning in Une that this “lesson” is “to meditate by many”. “Soumeylou Boubeye Maïga? It is a “kleptocrat who claims to have bought a pair of socks for 30,000 FCFA”, the woodcarver Malikilé, is “the instigator of frauds involving tens of billions of FCFA”.

More sober, the site Maliweb produces a “rebound“In the case of the purchase of the presidential plane and does not exclude” that other former ministers are subject to an obligation in the next few hours “.

The purchase of the presidential plane, but not only … Also incriminated, its management linked to the purchase of military equipment of suspicious quality.

However, in these cases, the sub-regional press does not fail to lend political intentions to the junta in power in Bamako:

Recall that the person in question has never confirmed or officially denied the intentions attributed to him as a presidential candidate in the neighborhood Burkina Faso, the newspaperWakat Sera wonders about “the hidden goals of this group of colonels from Kati who have been presiding over the fate of Mali for a year”. But this Ouagalan newspaper concludes “leaving such a deal unpunished would be suicide insofar as the facts seemed overwhelming to the former prime minister” in Mali.

The newspaper The country writes hardly anything else and wonders if the arrest of Soumeylou Boubeye Maïga “does not respond more to a wish from the junta in power in Bamako, to harm a presidential potential and seriousness than to really clean up Malian politics”. And this Ugandan daily sees it “as a ploy by” freight forwarders “to” politically neutralize an opponent, a potential rival who could seriously upset them in the election, if they organize a presidential election that they will walk away from “.

A new travel project in Africa for Laurent GbagboFollowing his visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo, the former Ivorian head of state may well visit Guinea soon.

It is the independent Ivorian diary L’Inter that reveals it. According to this newspaper, it is “very soon” that Laurent Gbagbo will fly to Conakry, “Woody de Mama” to make a “private visit” there to thank the President of Guinea for his embassy to François Hollande in April 2017 when Alpha Condé had mentioned before the former French president the fate of the famous prisoner in Scheveningen, first; for taking by his side “his friend and wrestling brother Ahoua Don Mello”, then.

In fact, it is recalled that the former minister and spokesman for President Gbagbo’s last government, Ahoua Don Mello, known in his country for also being the director general of BNETD, the National Bureau of Technical Studies and Development of Côte d’Ivoire, is Alpha Condés. special adviser in charge of infrastructure, L’Inter wonders if Don Mello will wait for his “mentor” Laurent Gbagbo in Guinea “to join the Ivory Coast” or if he will return from “first in his country” in order to return with President Gbagbo to Guinea “? Continuation follows…


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