In the spotlight: dark clouds over the choice of team in Senegal …

“The country is holding its breath”, exclaims the daily 24 hours in Dakar. “Holding the parliamentary elections (at the end of July) remains a mystery at the moment. The decree issued on Monday by Interior Minister Antoine Felix Diome, who disqualifies the list of (opposition) coalition Yewwi Askan Wi, because it would be incomplete, this decree Pirouette or maneuver, at least the parliamentary elections on July 31, are already traveling in terra incognita. , including Pastef’s leader, Ousmane Sonko, who on his own pulls together an entire conglomerate of opposition leaders. ”

Five years of political parenthesis? “The seeds of chaos”, WalfQuotidien launches on the front page. “The country runs great risks, the newspaper warns, if the Yewwi Askan Wi coalition’s national title list does not participate in the parliamentary elections. In addition to the various opposition leaders who would be absent from the National Assembly, the country could experience tensions even after the election.

In fact, Walf points out, if the big tenors of the opposition were deprived of an election, “it would be a big period of shortage for Yewwi because they could only count on the ministry lists. Tenors like Sonko, Aïda Mbodj, Déthié Fall, Habib Sy and others would not be a member of the National Assembly.This coalition could not claim a parliamentary group and even a smaller majority in parliament.A + political bracket + that could last for five years.

Towards a third term for Macky Sall? The information page Seneplus raises the tone … Seneplus which condemns the “decay of our electoral system which has been affected by the repercussions of several manipulations of both the constitution and the electoral law. (…) An insoluble insolubility full of uncertainties that can not only lead to an election emptied of all This risk is all the more real, Seneplus points out, as the President of the Republic seems to be throwing oil on the fire, by maintaining the vagueness of his desire to run for a third term (… In the face of these growing risks to civil peace, all opposition forces must unite to oppose a creeping dictatorship (…).

Which answer? Comment off Today in Burkina Faso: “one cannot fail to perceive the hand of power behind this temporary breach (of the opposition) pending the decision of the Constitutional Council. ‘Bias’, ‘confiscation’, ” unacceptable provocation ” we complain on Yewwi Askan Wi’s page, which promises “a powerful answer”, and from this Friday. In what form? asks Today. A walk? A meeting? A press conference? What is certain is that the Senegalese government suggests that it does everything in its power to limit the opposition’s breakthroughs. We saw it in the local elections, the majority coalition Benno Bokk Yakaar is still in the majority, but the opposition has made an impact in counting municipalities, such as Dakar and Ziguinchor. And if Yewwi Askan Wi still takes deputies in these legislative elections, the next presidential election will be more complicated for Benno.

According to Daily south, the opposition will demonstrate on Friday in Dakar: “the promised demonstration against the alleged attempts to dismiss the list of Yewwi Askan Wi in legislative elections will indeed take place. Ousmane Sonko and his comrades plan to organize a rally on Friday, from 15.00, Place de la Nation.

What will the elders say? Meanwhile, “the representative of the Yewwi Askan Wi coalition, Déthié Fall, went to the Constitutional Council yesterday. He filed three appeals “, points out the news site. Senego. Will the opposition be heard by the Supreme Court? Not sure … answer WakatSera : “these courses, for the most part, at least in the tropics, serve only the interests of the prince.”

And WakatSéra wonders: “In Senegal, will elegance and indulgence settle the great prud’hommes enough to win their case with an opposition that gives sleepless nights to power Macky Sall? Ask for a dish by Thiéboudiène, the famous Senegalese national dish with rice with fish!

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