In the spotlight: caught in the act…

A Gabonese politician arrested on Saturday at the border between Gabon and Congo Brazzaville with suitcases of banknotes… This is indeed what you call being caught in the act…

The trade union in Libreville says the following: “presented before the judicial authorities in Franceville, in the province of Haut-Ogooué, to answer to the charges against him, the former president of the National Assembly, Guy Nzouba-Ndama, gave different versions during his hearing the day before yesterday. Arrested on Saturday by elements of the security forces with suitcases containing the trifle of 1.9 billion FCFA (almost 2 million euros), the president of the Les Démocrates party appears to be on the wrong track, the Gabonese daily points out. arrest had told customs officials that his suitcases “contained his wife’s personal effects”, it is a completely different version that he would have served to the investigators.Currently we know that the funds have been transferred to the Gabonese treasury under the supervision of the public prosecution authority.

Suspected of money laundering Since Gabon news says the following: “The procedure accelerated yesterday. Guy Nzouba-Ndama was transferred from Franceville to Libreville to answer the charge of money laundering. His party, the Democrats, in a statement late yesterday afternoon demanded the release of its president, who it said was the victim of illegal detention. At the age of 76, Gabon Actu recalls, Mr. Nzouba-Ndama, a former power baron who went to the opposition, a heavyweight in Gabon’s politics, is one of the possible candidates for the presidential election scheduled for next year. »

So now exactly Young Africa“the former president of the National Assembly is in the premises of the DGR, Directorate General of Research, in the capital of Gabon. Investigators are trying to understand the origin of the billion CFA francs found in his suitcases. According to our information, Jeune Afrique continues, Guy Nzouba-Ndama maintains , that this money comes from his own accounts. The pictures that circulated on social networks show stacks of banknotes stamped BEAC (Bank of Central African States). Suspected of money laundering, he could now be heard at the Special Criminal Court.

Where do these notes come from? In any case, wonders L’Observateur Paalga in Burkina Faso, “where does this assembly come from, with which Guy Nzouba-Ndama tried to cross the border from neighboring Congo? It comes from his personal kitty, which he accumulated during his political career , and part of which was hidden in Brazza? Were these funds given to him by the authorities in Brazzaville and for what purpose? So many questions, among many others, that the President of the Democratic Party should answer to the justice of his country. And “opposition supporters can cry out for political ruthlessness,” points out L’Observateur Paalga again, criticizing the “autocratic drives of a power that does not know how to preserve human dignity”, to put offside a serious contender for the presidential elections in 2023, it must be acknowledged, that even if this is the case, Guy Nzouba-Ndama has braided the rod which will be used to whip him, because indeed we cannot understand that a political figure of his caliber only ne try to cross a border with briefcases stuffed with money, like a people smuggler who comes straight from organized crime.

UN: Is Macky Sall preaching in the desert? Also on the front page is the 77th United Nations General Assembly, which opened yesterday in New York. “There are many African leaders who have come to carry the voice of the black continent, notes The countryin Ouagadougou. But in this context, with the global crisis linked to the war in Ukraine, which is polarizing the attention of Westerners, one wonders whether Africa’s voice will be heard beyond the official speeches. Senegalese President Macky Sall, the Chairperson of the African Union, who was the first among his peers present at this GA to speak, asked the Security Council to engage more in the fight against terrorism. Better, he asked for a more robust mandate and substantial funding. If these concerns are shared by many Africans, especially those in the Sahel, however, one cannot fall into blissful optimism. Is Macky Sall preaching in the desert?

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