In the spotlight: Alpha Condé, former President of Guinea Conakry,

The announcement was made yesterday by the Minister of Justice in Conakry following a complaint from the National Front for the Defense of the Constitution, a collective that for months led the protest against a third term of Alpha Condé. A violently repressed movement, dozens of people were killed, it was 2019.

A total of 27 personalities have been subjected to “murder, murder and complicity”, forced disappearances, deprivation of liberty, kidnappings, acts of torture, ill-treatment and ill-treatment. After this announcement, many reactions. As on the siteGuinea mosaic with “the lawyer for OGDH, one of the organizations that recently requested that legal proceedings be instituted for violent crimes in addition to economic crimes, Me Alpha Amadou DS Bah claims that this procedure is a real challenge to Guinean justice to prove that its independence is proclaimed loud and clear CNRD “. “These prosecutions must lead to real investigations so that the perpetrators and sponsors of these heinous crimes are prosecuted and brought to justice so that exemplary sanctions are imposed on the leaders of this country, who once thought they were above the law,” he continues.

Reaction also from the lawyers for the victims of this repression to read on Guinea Africa : “Master William Bourdon and Master Vincent Brengarth are very pleased with this decision (…) [et] ensure that they remain particularly vigilant to ensure that the rights of victims are respected and that the investigations carried out are effective ”.

The trial of the ex-president makes a lot of noiseBurkinabè websiteWakatsera, he already promises “sleepless nights” even if it would be “difficult to cry over the Alpha Condé case, which even brought the military coup in Guinea up to date.”

An opinion shared The countryanother Burkinabé media, for “if he had agreed, at the end of his two constitutional mandates, to assert his rights to retirement, Alpha Condé would currently take it easy with his grandchildren, far from the limits of justice where his own mistakes have unfortunately led him. He looked for it and he found it. So let him take full responsibility! That is the ransom for the bulimia of power. Today in Faso speaks of “powerist frenzy”.

It remains to be seen what the course of events will be, the editor-in-chief of Wakatsera hopes that it will not just be “just an opportunity for the new military master putschists to humiliate the former constitutional master the putschist!”

Formerly powerful, the 27 accused will therefore be held accountable for their actions but Guinea 7 Recalls that the prosecutor also promised “to initiate legal proceedings against all persons who, in violation of the law, organized marches or processions on the public road or public places which caused the alleged crimes covered by this procedure” “that all or almost all FNDC demonstrations were banned at that time, not without counting the destruction of public and private property after these demonstrations. When we know that FNDC once gathered the entire opposition from Alpha Condé, it goes without saying that prosecutor Wright’s actions are the entire sociopolitical class of the Alpha Condé regime.

Also on the front page, MaliMaliwebreturns to Togo’s decision to agree to mediate in the Malian file. It will be about “helping the country to convince ECOWAS and the international community of a compromise on elections that can only take place in 24 months.” Firstly because the president is the dean of the region, but also for his attitude to the transition process and his experience of a fifteen-year embargo according to the newspaper which adds: “Faure Gnassingbé will therefore need to help Mali convince the regional actors, and more generally, the whole the international community “for this compromise which” will take Mali out of its current situation and strengthen the stability of the region “.

The Senegalese Daily then compare the situation in several countries on the continent. “The military regimes of Mali, Burkina and Guinea have the same strategy as the mullahs of Tehran or Castro, because they have understood that their survival lies in the instinctive holy union created by the sanctions, which means that all criticism is condemned by their thurifers as collusion with the alien,” which makes the people suffer by imposing a collective punishment on them, which explains why the military regimes in these three countries do not want to give reasonable deadlines to allow the lifting of sanctions and a way out of the crisis.

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