in some regions the polling stations were closed

Burkinabè went to the polls yesterday, Sunday 22 November, for the presidential and legislative elections. The vote took place peacefully across the country. Although several polling stations did not open due to the security threat.

as reported from Burkina Faso, Yaya Boudani

The president of Ceni explained that difficulties were noted on the spot, especially the security problem in some places in the east and the Sahel. In Tapoa, in the eastern region, 224 polling stations did not open out of a total of 335. It is in this province that groups of armed men have threatened the population in several villages with reprisals if they flee. went to the polls. “People have been told that whoever throws their finger in indelible ink can say goodbye to the finger,” Ahmed Newton Barry stressed.

Closes ahead of time

Polling stations were closed ahead of schedule after threats. This was the case in Markoye in the Sahel region. As for the people of Tin-Akoff, they did not vote. No office has opened in this municipality. Voting equipment and election officials were not expelled. The same scenario in the Center-East region where offices have been closed.

About 300,000 people could not vote

In the northern region, the absence or late arrival of security forces has been reported in some offices. According to Ceni, about 300,000 people could not vote for this security threats.

Real logistical problems, but voting continues …

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