In Senegal, death in internment of François Mancabou

This man was arrested in Dakar on June 17, the day of banned demonstrations at the urging of the main opposition coalition, Yewwi Askan Wi. He was suspected of “terrorism and undermining state security”. His family and his defense condemn “torture”. The prosecutor, for his part, dismissed the mistake.

as reported from Dakar, Charlotte Idrac

“Accidental death”: this is what is written on François Mancabou’s obituary, which was drawn up on the evening of July 13 at the main hospital in Dakar and which was leaked on social networks.

According to the prosecutor, the 51-year-old man, who was arrested at his home on the morning of June 17, was a member of a group called the “Special Force”, which consisted of about ten people. He would have been responsible for “developing strategies for attacks and harassment against the defense and security forces”. Still, according to the judge, François Mancabou “would have violently hit the wall and the gates of the detention cell”. “Investigators have a 13-minute video,” he added.

A version rejected by Maître Ousseynou Gaye, one of the family’s lawyers, was reached by telephone on Friday 15 July. “If these images are authentic, why did not the person who filmed or who was responsible for CCTV intervene?” He wonders. For him, “without a doubt”: François Mancabou was tortured while in police custody. “He had the clarity to tell his wife before he died,” the lawyer adds. While waiting for the autopsy and the medical record, the defense is already considering a complaint against Commissioner Bara Sangaré, head of city security.

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