In Nigeria, researchers establish one

Studies are underway to clarify the characteristics of this variant of coronavirus. The discovery comes when the country was hit hard by the epidemic in December.

This variant was observed in two patients on 3 August and 9 October during analyzes performed on 200 samples by researchers from Acegid, the African Center of Expertise for Genome Research and Infectious Diseases. According to this research center, the two patients present genetic mutations.

This discovery still has many gray areas. The only certainty is that this new variant of coronavirus is different from the one observed in the UK, as explained by Professor Christian Happi, the director of Acegid, at the origin of the genetic sequencing of this variant in Nigeria: “We believe that this variant is likely to have been transferred to Nigeria. It is different from the strain found in South Africa and the United Kingdom. But she shares two mutations with the tribe that emerged in the UK. We have not analyzed recent trials, we do not know to what extent other patients are affected by this new strain. ”

This biologist remains cautious: at present no connection has been established between these discoveries and the acceleration of pollution in Nigeria in recent weeks. More research is underway to better understand the properties of this mutation and to find out if other patients have been affected.


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