In Guinea, FNDC rejects its dissolution announced by

On Monday night, the transitional government announced the dissolution of this coalition of parties, unions and civil society organizations, accusing it of resorting to violent actions during these demonstrations against the junta. The last demonstration at the end of July killed five people. The FNDC maintains its call to demonstrate throughout the territory on August 17.

In a press release, the FNDC denounces what it describes as “trimming”, “harassment” and “intimidation” by the ruling junta, which it accuses of being “a political mafia”.

“We are not an association or an organization, says Sékou Koundouno, member of the movement’s coordination, but a citizen’s movement, a driving force against justice and the rule of law.” He continues: “This movement was born before the CNRD fog [Comité national du rassemblement pour le développement], this illegitimate and illegal power, and will continue to exist after the CNRD fog. Because the people of Guinea are ready to their last breath to defend their dignity and demand the right to a just society.”

To the transitional government, which accuses the coalition of resorting to violent actions, he replies that the FNDC has always called for peaceful demonstrations. And adds that violence is on the side of those who use lethal weapons in the maintenance of order.

The FNDC is calling for a massive mobilization for its upcoming demonstrations to “thwart the continuation of military rule in Guinea”.

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