in Dakar, the screening campaign is resumed in a complicated health context

“Pink October” is the month in which the campaign against breast cancer is the first cancer to spread in Senegal. As every year, the Senegalese anti-cancer league organizes free consultations in Dakar for early detection of breast cancer. By the first week, more than 1,000 women had walked in front of the volunteer doctors.

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as reported from Dakar,

In front of a medical truck, a dozen women are sitting in a tent, the chairs well separated from each other. Khady Gueye, 24, is waiting his turn to take advantage of the free consultation screening for breast cancer.

“I knew a friend who was not in pain, and yet when she was screened, she had stage 2 cancer,” she explains. So that scared me a little bit. There has never been cancer in my family, but since my breasts are a little big, I am not very reassured. ”

90% cure

This year, the screening campaign is spread throughout the month of October and not over a few days to avoid gatherings and the spread of coronavirus.

Every day, 150 patients are examined by two doctors, including Damien Konkobo. “We take the opportunity to raise awareness,” says the latter, “so that they transfer the baton to the family, to those around them and also try to convince other women to come to the screening. We show them how to do self-examination of the breast, which is very important. ”

Approx. 10% of women screened will have a mammogram after discovering an abnormality. A free service supported by the Senegalese League against Cancer, explains President Fatma Guénoune: “We must have these women screened. There are not many women who can afford to take care of themselves medically. And it’s a tragedy in Senegal. ”

Early detection leads to lower mortality, with cancer curing in 90% of cases.


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