In Chad, Jean Castex met squaddies

Prime Minister Jean Castex took on 1 January 2021 to meet small French contingents stationed at bases in Chad, first in Faya-Largeau (north) and then in Abéché (east).

Prime Minister Jean Castex took on January 1, 2021 to meet small French contingents stationed at bases in Chad.

The day before, he had woken up with the soldiers from the Barkhane anti-terror force stationed in the Kosseï camp in Ndjamena. The head of government had in passing expressed his support for troops left by three of their own dead in Mali.

The Prime Minister, accompanied by the Minister of the Armed Forces Florence Parly, first went to Faya-Largeau (northern Chad), where the French army maintains a division of about thirty men.

The Prime Minister took the opportunity to have lunch with a couple of soldiers before observing the palm grove and surroundings on top of a dune overlooking the city – a place steeped in history, as it is from there that Colonel Leclerc’s men settled in 1941 to lead a victorious campaign in the name of free France, especially marked by the conquest by the Italians of Fort Koufra. Sir. Castex also recalled the “crucial” involvement of the Chadian soldiers who at that time formed the bulk of the troops, following the 1940 demonstration to General de Gaulle of Chad, then a French colony led by Félix Éboué.

Faya-Largeau is history and honor. The story of those who, starting from the heart of Africa, will liberate our country from oppression and barbarism. The credit for the soldiers from the Barkhane force who have inherited their courage, their values ​​and their sense of duty.

– Jean Castex (@JeanCASTEX) January 1, 2021 “An extremely useful mission”

Jean Castex then traveled to Abéché (east), the second city in the country not far from the Sudanese border, where a contingent of about thirty French soldiers also lives.

At the end of this quick visit to Chad, which was mainly aimed at showing his support for the soldiers, the head of government said he was “touched” by the soldiers’ “enthusiasm”. “Of course they are carrying out a complicated, dangerous and extremely useful mission, but it goes beyond that,” he insisted, praising the “know-how” of Barkhane’s forces involved in the fight against terrorism in the Sahel.

(With AFP)


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