In Burkina Faso, former president Kaboré left the country

The former president heads to Abidjan before joining the United Arab Emirates on a medical visit. This is Roch Marc Christian Kaboré’s first foreign outing since his fall on January 24, 2022.

as reported from Ouagadougou, Yaya Boudani

“This is not a medical evacuation. It is for a medical examination that has been planned for a long time and to rest,” reassures a close friend of the ex-president Roch Marc Christian Kaboré had wanted to travel out of the country for medical reasons. After several months of detention, he had to undergo some medical checks, but he does not suffer from any particular illness, assures our interlocutor.

Without talking about authorization, one of his collaborators salutes the diligence of the transitional government in processing the documents for this first trip of the ex-president outside of Burkina Faso. “The transitional authorities have eased the administrative formalities so that he can travel to the United Arab Emirates as soon as possible,” he said.

Before that, Roch Marc Christian Kaboré has been on a stopover since tonight in Abidjan, where ex-president Blaise Compaoré has lived in exile since his fall in October 2014. not been revealed”, confides a former collaborator.

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