In Abidjan, COP15 about desertification enters its

COP15 on desertification will end on Friday 20 May. For ten days, the representatives of the 195 member states discussed in this convention to agree on joint commitments to combat desertification and land degradation until 2030.

About the two main goals with this COP15, namely the rehabilitation of a billion hectares of destroyed land and the fight against drought and sand and dust storms, Abou Bamba, chairman of the organizing committee, believes that the discussions are going well, although the debates can sometimes be tense: “There are some stumbling blocks between regions, he therefore analyzes , in particular between African and developed countries on the drafting of a binding Additional Protocol, on drought and the creation of “a management fund to finance the implementation of this Additional Protocol.”

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According to a diplomatic source, the United States and its allies are really refusing to adopt a protocol based on the Kyoto model and the creation of a fund dedicated to the fight against drought. It would be too binding and too expensive to finance, according to them, when there are already several international aid programs: “it is clear that it is those who actually have the money in the coffers who will ultimately decide to allocate them or deny them. not to assign them, Abou Bamba continues, but we are hopeful, because by the end of this COP we will reach a consensus on Abidjan’s political explanation.

The final deal may not be as ambitious as it could have been. But it will have the advantage of existing. It then remains to transform it into concrete actions, and that is always the biggest challenge.

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