Imminent reopening of one of the three border posts between

Closed since 2011, initially for security reasons, one of the three border crossings between Algeria and Libya will soon reopen. This is announced by the authorities in the two countries. A meeting of the Joint Committee will meet on Thursday 28 July to announce the official date for this reopening, which will deal first with trade. Travelers and tourists will only be allowed a second time. Rehabilitation work is over 90% complete on both sides, said the mayor of Ghadames, the Libyan town closest to this border post.

The political decision to reopen the Deb Deb border post has been made on the Algerian side for several months, but its application has been postponed several times, officially due to unfinished work on the Libyan side.

This border post is an important economic artery for Algeria. Currently, Algerian airlines pass through the Tunisian border to reach Libya. Deb Deb will therefore facilitate the commercial flow.

The development of exports corresponds to a strategic necessity for Algiers: after several years of economic lethargy, President Tebboune seeks to make up for the accumulated delay and establish himself on the African continent.

The government is following a road map to get out of the economic crisis and is looking for resources that do not come only from the oil sector.

It is for this purpose that a shipping company was inaugurated this year with Mauritania, another will soon be with Tripoli, the discussions have reached the final stage.

In the promising market of Libya, Algeria intends to export food and reconstruction materials. A free zone for trade on the Algerian side will be created in the future, says the trade minister.

Several meetings have taken place between Libyan and Algerian investors in recent months, and businessmen are encouraged to invest in both countries.

The promised reopening of Deb Deb comes within the framework of a rapprochement between Algiers and Tripoli. Algerian diplomacy hopes to play a role in Libyan reconciliation, even if it is not accepted by the eastern Libyan camp.

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