“I’m not a dictator”

Does Alpha Condé confirm that he is not seeking a presidency for life. Following an amendment to the constitution, the Guinean head of state is seeking a third presidency on October 18. But he says: “It is extraordinary that I am considered an anti-democratic dictator. I’m a Democrat. ”

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Alpha Condé says his past pleads for him. When asked about the ambition for a presidency for life, which his opponents lend him, he answers that he has been fighting for democracy for 44 years. “I spent time in prison during Sékou Touré. I won the election in 1993. If I had wanted to be president for life, I would have taken power [avec le soutien des militaires] already in 1993, ”he says.

If he is re-elected on October 18 for a third term, will it be his last term? The outgoing president, who is 82 years old, avoids the question and says that before 18 October, the bear’s skin should not be sold before … [de l’avoir tué]. The implication is that we must not demand victory too quickly.

When asked, “Will you recognize your defeat if necessary?”, He answers, “I am a Democrat.” Without mentioning the name of his biggest opponent, Cellou Dalein Diallo, he attacks him directly by accusing him of being a “digger” in the Guinean economy when he was prime minister of President Lansana. Story.

To those who accuse him of instrumentalizing the ethnic question, the Guinean head of state replies strongly that it is false that he is Pan-African and that his past is once again praying for him. He confirms that many Malinkés blamed him for his proximity to Peuls when he opposed Sékou Touré.

Finally, 11 years after the September 28 massacre at the stadium in Conakry, Alpha Condé believes the trial against the alleged killers will take place. The time, he says, for the ad hoc tribunal to be built … with the help of donors.


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