Idrissa Gueye, an embarrassing absence

Paris (AFP) – Like last year, Paris Saint-Germain player Idrissa Gueye did not play on Saturday during the day dedicated to the fight against homophobia, a new somewhat embarrassing departure for the Parisian club.

Some absences are more pronounced than others. That of Idrissa Gueye last Saturday against Montpellier (4-0), the day when L1 players, who for four years, have joined the fight against homophobia by wearing a rainbow shirt, does not go unnoticed.

However, if the player’s entourage, contacted by AFP, refused to explain the reasons for this absence, they are clear to associations fighting homophobia.

Sanction requests “He had already done the trick last year. There is little doubt about his intentions, explains Bertrand Lambert, president of Panam Boyz and Girlz United, a club open to diversity.

In fact, Idrissa Gueye had not played last year on the day when the L1 clubs played sports in the rainbow jersey, and then claimed to be a victim of “gastroenteritis”. Two absences in quick succession which is something of a task, and which the Paris Club is obviously struggling to justify.

On Saturday, the Argentine coach of Paris SG Mauricio Pochettino had mentioned “personal reasons” and stated that his player “was not injured”. A source close to the Paris locker room, for his part, calls for “an individual choice of player, he lay aside”.

Since this match, votes have been raised to condemn what can be interpreted as a refusal to be associated with the defense of LGBTQ rights.

What we are asking for is that Idrissa Gueye be sanctioned by her club. It’s homophobia, of course.

Eric Arassus, chairman of the LGBT + sports federation

“I regret that he did not take part in this day, which is not a promotion of homosexuality, but a promotion of living together,” Bertrand Lambert appreciates. “And just as wearing an armband to fight racism does not change the color of the wearer’s skin, it does not change the wearer’s sexuality to wear a rainbow shirt. It only helps to break down prejudices.”

“Homophobia is not an opinion, but a crime,” he reminded the Rouge Direct collective, which fights homophobia in sports on Sunday on Twitter. “LFP (league) and PSG must ask Gana Gueye to explain himself and very quickly. And punish him if necessary.

The case has even reached the political sphere. Valérie Pécresse, ex-candidate in the presidential election and president of the Ile-de-France region, tried to challenge the Parisian club on Twitter. “The players in a football club, and especially those in PSG, are identifying figures for our young people. They have a duty to set a good example. A refusal by Idrissa Gana Gueye to join the fight against homophobia could not remain without sanction!” she wrote on the social network.

“It’s progressing” PSG have been contacted by AFP and recall that they are “fully committed to the fight against homophobia and discrimination, with Sportitude or SOS Racisme. Our players wore this jersey with pride, the biggest stars, Messi, Neymar or Mbappé, which expressed the club’s commitment.

But on the other hand, radio silence about the Gueye case. Will he be punished? Can it be?

When you sign a contract, it is to play football, not to abandon your faith.

Matar Bâ, Senegal’s Minister of Sport

However, it seems difficult to imagine that the Parisian club will decide to sanction the player, who could then end up in a labor law complex legal situation.

The LFP, contacted by AFP, “does not want to comment” on the incident and recalls its “basic work in this area for four years”, such as “the organization of workshops to raise awareness of homophobia in clubs and gyms.” the sale of these shirts in favor of LGBT associations “, it was specified, but without commenting on Gueye’s absence.

Bertrand Lambert “regrets that there is no reaction at the highest level from the state, PSG and football authorities. As I said, we must not forget that what happened this weekend is quite marginal because there is only one who refused.

Idrissa Gana Gueye with the support of Macky SallSenegal’s president Macky Sall confirmed on Tuesday in a Twitter message to support the player from Paris SG and Senegalese national team player Gueye and asked for respect for the football player’s’ religious convictions “, after his absence during the day dedicated to the fight against homophobia.

Support messages to the PSG player continued to flow into Senegal on Tuesday, through well-known voices, especially from the political class, literature and football, such as the former international Diomansy Kamara. In this 95% Muslim country and very practicing, homosexuality, punishable by one to five years in prison, is generally considered a deviation.

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