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Human rights organizations and opposition parties are concerned about the wave of arrests going on in the country. They follow the deadly demonstrations during the pre-election period that left at least 2 civilians dead and wounded on the police side and the protesters. Every day, the press, social networks and human rights organizations warn of cases of people arrested.

as reported from Cotonou, Jean-Luc Aplogan

The Organization for the Defense of Human Rights, internal opponents and especially those in exile condemn “arbitrary mass arrests”. The first launches began two days after the April 6 protests. About twenty people marched in front of the special prosecutor for Criet. Today it would be about a hundred people according to several sources.

According to the whistleblowers, among these people would be activists, women, police forces and especially the opponents, Joël Aïvo, Alexandre Hountondji, Joseph Tamégnon, the former minister Ali Houdou arrested on Sunday in Parakou and the son of an opponent in exile who passed through Cotonou. .

At the end of last week, Sévérin Quenum, Seal Keeper, was questioned about the number of arrests. “What we are doing at the moment is letting the judicial police units find the sponsors, then the perpetrators of these acts and their accomplices before we can find out who did what and establish the record of the arrest,” he said. replied.

“Danger alert in Benin” launches the Organization for the Defense of Human and Human Rights, which calls on international organizations for help. Me Aboubacar Baparape, lawyer, chairman of ODHP, speaks of several dozen prisoners, perhaps even up to 150.

The aim is to silence every opposition, that is, to pinch every bud of every attempt at demonstration, either by the population or the resistance leaders, especially as a motive for accusing everything. The world is terrorism.

Me Aboubacar Baparape, Advocate and President of ODHP, the Organization for the Defense of Human and Human Rights

Ms Aboubacar Baparape emphasizes in particular the circumstances of the detention of Reckya Madougou, who in recent days, according to him, “was deprived of all the comforts of her cell and visits and food from her mother”.

A majority vote responds in these terms: those arrested have attacked the republic and must answer for it.


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