How to develop the cultural industry in Africa?

A sign of the enthusiasm for creators from the African continent, Disney + is coming to South Africa. Like Netflix, the streaming service is interested in local content. But support for the sector is still in its infancy. Several actors in the cultural world met on Wednesday 18 May in Paris to look at this issue.

To show the importance of culture for Africa, Lionel Zinsouformer Prime Minister of Benin, emphasizes the economic efforts: “The creative industries in Africa are one of the main industries, because when you make mass of the craft industry which is very lively even if it is informal, when you do mass trade, seamstresses, seamstresses, great designers like is starting to have an international aura, you actually have thousands of jobs per country, so millions for the continent. ”

However, the structures that make it possible for creators to support themselves on their art are missing, regrets Valérie Ka, model and co-founder of the association Share Africa, which highlights African stylists in France: “Most young designers do not necessarily know how to do marketing, how to sell, how to prepare a collection. Even if they know how to do it, they do not necessarily have the ability to create a collection. In fact, I think it is really important that our governments take this in hand in order to support African creativity.

One of the ways to develop culture would be to promote public-private partnerships, according to Democratic Republic of Congo Ambassador Ruth Isabelle Macik Tshome: “There is private knowledge, and also private knowledge, so it is important that we can not just do a public-private partnership, but also decentralize, because with 26 provinces, I think we can find a large number of niches to see this creative industry hatch. ”

Known for rumbaThe Democratic Republic of Congo plans to create an artistic center in Kinshasa, the capital, to develop its other talents.

In a report from 2021, Unesco estimated that African film could create 20 million jobs and generate $ 20 billion a year. And the African Union has understood this well. At a summit in 2020, heads of state mobilized to make culture a sustainable resource that benefits everyone.

“Culture is becoming dominant in the African Union. (…) There is an awareness. »

Mohamed Zoghlami, expert on digital creative industries in Africa

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