how the prosecutor suspects six personalities

A forensic investigation was launched against former Prime Minister Boubou Cissé and five other personalities: Vital Robert Diop, Director-General of PMU-Mali, Aguibou Macky Tall, Deputy Director-General of the Agency for the Management of the Universal Access Fund Souleymane Kansaye, Treasurer-General of the Treasury, Traoré Presidency General Secretary and finally Ras Bath, artist and radio host. In his indictment, which the RFI was able to consult, Mamoudou Kassogue, the public prosecutor accuses them of endangering the security of the state.

“The former prime minister who feeds the president’s ambitions […] committed acts of a subversive nature that tend to discredit the actions of the authorities in the transition. “In his indictment, Mamoudou accuses Kassogue Boubou Cisse for having organized secret meetings, especially at his home, with his accomplices. Together, they would have mobilized more than 200 million CFA francs to fund union and union protests.

Presidency Secretary-General Sékou Traoré is said to have carried out sabotage. He would have consulted in Ségou, Lassina Kane, a powerful marabout and introduced the flesh of victims to the castle. Sékou Traoré is also suspected of having “on his own initiative limited the meetings of the Presidency[…] to stand up as an obstacle ”between it and certain social strata.

“These accusations are ridiculous”

“These accusations are ridiculous,” smiles Maître Marcel Ceccaldi, lawyer for Boubou Cissé. Mamoudou Kassogue’s pen is at the service of political action ”.

The lawyer adds that Boubou Cissé, contrary to what the prosecution says, is perfectly accessible. “He was never summoned, it is not the same. Mr. Boubou Cissé is in Mali, he never intended to leave the country because he has always had the will to respond to the imaginative accusations brought against him ”.

Fear of press freedom

“As for Youssouf Mohamed Bathily,” says Ras Bath, “he is entrusted with the role of instigating public opinion vis-à-vis the authorities in the transition.” The prosecution accuses him of having “openly criticized the authorities in the transition”, especially about uncertainty in Farabougoutheir management of the health crisis or the appointment of military governors.

In its press release on Thursday, Mamoudou Kassogue also mentions “the possibility of links between the suspects and certain associations, organizations and influential people in the media world”. An attitude that provoked the indignation of the Malian journalists. The press’ umbrella organizations this morning condemn an ​​attempted intimidation. “It clearly means we have to prepare to be concerned,” explains Bandiougou Dante, president of the Union of Free Radios and Televisions of Mali (URTEL).


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