Hissène Habré “remains a statesman in history

Hissène Habré, who ruled Chad between 1982 and 1990, died yesterday, Tuesday, August 24, in Senegal. He was serving a life sentence there, after being convicted in 2016 of crimes against humanity by an African court. Hissène Habré was an ally and defense minister for former leader Goukouni Weddeye, who headed the government of national unity created in 1979. The two men then became opponents, and Hissène Habré seized power by overthrowing Goukouni Weddeye in 1982.

Returned to Chad 2009, Goukouni Weddeye spent twenty years in exile in Algeria after being ousted from power by Hissène Habré in June 1982.

“I was very saddened to learn that former President Hissène Habré had died suddenly. He has been my wrestling buddy for many years, Goukouni Weddeye forgives Magali Lagrange, from the African editorial office. We shared difficult times and then we became political opponents[Weddeye dirigeait le GUNT, mouvement d’opposition à Hissène HabréNDLR]. Yet there is still a statesman in our country’s tumultuous history: Chad.

In this painful situation, I send my fraternal condolences to the family of the deceased. I also extend my condolences to the President of the Republic and to the Chadian people.

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RFI: do you remember the moment your paths parted, your last interview perhaps, your last discussion?

Yes, the last meeting I had with him was around the French ambassador to Chad for a reconciliation between him and me. Since that day, we have never spoken again. And we got stuck in a war that lasted about nine months. It was a wasteland … but still it’s just a memory for me.

What do you think remains of the Hissène Habré years in Chad’s memory?

People interpret it in their own way, but I do not want to put myself on one side or the other. I stand in the middle and say what I think: Hissène left indelible traces that everyone will interpret in their own way. He is an executive, an intellectual … ”it is up to everyone to make their own opinion, concludes Goukouni Weddeye.

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