highway delivery agencies indignant

Road drivers are protesting against the closure of Guinea’s borders with some neighboring countries, blocking hundreds of lorries and light vehicles used for cross-border traffic.

as reported from Conakry, Mouctar Bah

These are confused airlines that met on the Labor Exchange to discuss their huge problems with the four-month closure of Guinea’s borders with certain neighboring countries.

“The truck is parked, the tires are rotting because of the weight, the drivers, crew members and their apprentices have become ill, and some are dying due to lack of food,” indignant Alpha Amadou Bah, vice president of Guinea’s National Union of Road Transporters.

The consequences are enormous due to this closure without explanation. “It has been four months. There are trucks that have to pay importers at the end of each month as the airlines are in debt and have not found a solution. We ask Professor Alpha Condé to find the solution. We are citizens ”.

It’s a heart war that launches this second carrier Ousmane Sylla, known as Horoya. “Can you imagine 300 trucks, 300 drivers, how many apprentices, how many families feeding on these trucks? We come to the state to ask to find the solution for the airlines so we can live. The trucks are loaded, everything in the truck, if it is bad, there is no possibility, there is no one to reimburse us ”.

For four months, Guinea has unilaterally decided to close its borders with Sierra-Leone, Guinea-Bissau and Senegal for “security reasons”, according to the airlines.


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