Headlines: the sword in the balance of the “Astou” business

One year in prison, including one month in prison, was demanded against four midwives in the trial in the so-called Astou Sokhna case in Senegal … It is in Louga (north of Dakar, the capital) that the trial in the first instance of six midwives in the case of this nine-month-old pregnant woman, who died in childbirth at the regional hospital on April 1, was terminated last night. In question, alleged negligence on the part of the maternity staff. As reported by the site Seneplus, the prosecutor has indeed requested one year’s imprisonment including one month’s imprisonment against four of the six midwives convicted “for failure to assist a person in danger”. This online newspaper also reports that the prosecutor “on the other hand has requested release in favor of the two other midwives involved in this case. They seemed free, unlike their four colleagues who have been placed under the arrest warrant since April 19, “adds Seneplus.

Will Faure be strong enough? This question in the crisis between Mali and ECOWAS: can Togo play the mediator? What honor can the sub-regional organization give its president Faure Gnassingbé in the role of facilitator? The question posed in these terms by the Burkinabè daily Wakat Sera: “Faure Gnassingbé as a firefighter or as a doctor after death?”. , as well as the ability to “share the same French language as a negotiating tool” between him and the Malian transitional authorities, this Ouagalais newspaper is almost certain that Faure is “strong enough to return to normal positions as radicalized as Mali, France, Europe and ECOWAS”. why Wakat Sera advises the Togolese president to use “an unparalleled diplomacy to get his counterparts back to better feelings, by reminding them that the ego no longer has its place in this rotten situation”.

In any case, this turn to a mediator underlines a time when the direct dialogue between Bamako and ECOWAS is far from broken. The country, in Burkina Faso. “What is it that has stuck for the Malian authorities to turn to a facilitator, in the person of the Togolese head of state,” he wonders? While waiting for the answer to this question, it is the alternative to an underground diplomacy that suspects that reality is much more difficult than Bamako seems to want to admit, in the context of the economic embargo that puts Mali on the brink of apoplexy. what, says Le Pays, you can not hide the sun with one finger “.

Yasmina Ouégnin throws a stone into the backwater of the RHDPIn Côte d’Ivoire, Yasmina Ouégnin throws a stone into the dam, this morning, by estimating that “the PDCI did not need to form an alliance with the RHDP”. This points out the independent daily newspaper L’Inter.

Yasmina Ouégnin took a clear stand against the now former alliance between the head of state Alassane Ouattara and the president of his party, the PDCI – and who is no less than the former head of state Henri Konan Bédié – to this second independent Ivorian newspaper, Soir Info, that the PDCI ” did not have to conclude an alliance with the RHDP, RDR and others “(it is stated that the RDR is Alassane Ouattara’s original party), and was also reminded that this former alliance known as the RHDP had formed a common front, in the second round of the 2010 presidential election Ivory Coast, against the then President of the Republic Laurent Gbagbo.

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