Guinea’s police arrest three opposition leaders

On Tuesday, July 5, Guinean police arrested three leaders of the National Front for the Defense of the Constitution (FNDC), a central party in opposition to Alpha Condé’s third term.

as reported from Conakry, Matthias Raynal

The scene, of extreme brutality, was broadcast on social networks. It shows the democratic activist Foniké Mengué being dragged to the ground by police officers from the Banditry Repression Brigade (BRB), and then violently thrown in the trash on a pickup. The FNDC coordinator was the subject of proceedings, which were launched in recent hours by Justice Minister Charles Wright. He is accused of discrediting Guinean justice in a post on social networks.

In the car were also rappers Djanii Alfa and Billo Bah, responsible for mobilization within FNDC, both also prosecuted for comments on the internet. “We will never agree to replace a civilian dictatorship with a military dictatorship,” exclaims Billo Bah and his mouth bleeds.

Violent outbreak in full press conference for FNDC. The arrests took place at FNDC headquarters at the beginning of a press conference where the organization wanted to condemn the prosecutor’s decision, considered “illegal” and “arbitrary”. Then after reading a press release, Foniké Mengué spoke and the police broke in. The FNDC activists then refuse to follow the agents, the tone rises between the two parties, the police come out and then return quickly, determined to arrest the three personalities, but they resist.

FNDC executives are not the only ones who have been trafficked during these arrests. The journalists were pushed around, the police tried to stop them from filming the place.

This triple arrest marks a turning point in the transition that has been going on since 5 September and Alpha Condés fall. The authorities have been openly criticized for several months. Their decision to ban demonstrations, to set the duration of the transition at three years, go wrong. “The CNRD has released the prisoners of conscience and is now putting them in jail,” criticized a FNDC official who must announce a demonstration within 48 hours against the junta’s confiscation of power.

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