Guinea defends the organization of its CAN 2025

Guinea’s Minister of Youth and Sports, Lansana Béa Diallo, assured this August 4, 2022 during a press conference that Guinea will indeed be the host country for the African Cup of Nations 2025. He was touched by the many rumors about the transfer of the tournament to other states .

“This African Cup of Nations is for Guinea. So I want to tell all those who are candidates to position themselves for 2027, 2029 or 2031. But 2025 is for Guinea. On August 4, 2022, the Guinean youth and sports minister Lansana Béa Diallo to put the finishing touches, while presidents of football associations such as the one in Nigeria have indicated that they want to regain all or part of this huge sporting event, which is planned in three years. .

“We see a lot of communication that is not very fair play, for me, who is pan-African, Lansana Béa Diallo was indignant. There is a CAN which is dedicated to a single country. However, I see that there are many countries that are positioning themselves today to be able to organize it because they say that Guinea is not able to organize it”.

Huge projects to be completed in three yearsIn fact, for eight years, criticism and doubts have not ceased about the Guineans’ ability to organize this competition. Especially since the transition from 16 teams participating in the final phase of African Cup of Nations football to 24 teams, with at least two additional stadiums to be built. “We are no longer in the decision-making phase of the organization, but in the organizational phase,” hammered Lansana Béa Diallo. The construction process should start within two or three months.”

Guinea has so far only one stadium, Nongo’s (50,000 seats), which needs to be rehabilitated. The historical date of September 28 should not be used for this African Cup of Nations. Instead, another enclosure (40,000 seats) near Conakry should see the light of day. This will also be the case in Kankan (20,000 seats), Kindia (20,000), Labé (15,000), Nzérékoré (15,000 seats) and Boké (15,000).

In short, six stadiums to build, not to mention the various related infrastructures (training fields, hotels, roads, etc.). But the president of the transition, Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya, who took power on September 5, 2021, made CAN 2025 a priority, assures Sega Diallo, vice-president of the Federation’s Standardization Committee (Féguifoot). Will this be enough to calm the skepticism of some and the ambitions of others?

Skepticism at CAFIn September 2014, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) awarded CAN 2023 to Guinea, to everyone’s surprise. No call for applications was actually launched for this edition. But in the meantime, CAF has redistributed the last stages, especially due to the delays in Cameroon, appointed host for 2019. It is finally Egypt that hosted this CAN, Cameroon recovers 2021, Coast d’Ivoire accepts it in 2023 and Guinea in 2025.

Since 2014, some skepticism has never left CAF. Current members of the executive committee continue to believe that the Guineans cannot organize the tournament alone. In 2019, the president of the Senegalese federation, Augustin Senghor, had also proposed coordination. Proposal rejected by the old Guinean regime. The idea of ​​a CAN 2025 in cooperation with neighbors also has supporters in Conakry. But this option does not have the advantages of the current power. “Guinea will not let go of its CAN 2025 as easily as some think,” concludes Sega Diallo.

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