Guillaume Soros’s French lawyer questions the validity of arrest warrants

Guillaume Soro and three of his relatives “can not fear anything” from the mandates that the Ivorian Ministry of Justice is asking to hand over to the French authorities, according to Maître Affoussiata Bamba-Lamine, lawyer at the bar in Paris and coordinator of the collective of Guillaume Soro’s lawyers.

“In this case, it will not be so. I do not even know if the Ivorian government has really transferred these mandates to the French Foreign Ministry, the lawyer says. arrest warrants issued by Ivorian justice against Guillaume Soro and three of his relatives.

The lawyer also disputes the validity of these “illegal” warrants: They are not based on any legal means. So it is obvious that under these circumstances, these warrants will never be exercised, if they still exist because the first mandate that would probably be issued since December 2019, in reality, we never saw the color. . Ditto for the second semester. This one, I’m sure it’s exactly the same. “

In his argument, the lawyer believes that neither the former prime minister nor his three staff “can fear anything in relation to his mandate”. They would be “without effect” after “the decision of the African Court of Human Rights which clearly indicates that these are political reasons for which Guillaume Soro is being prosecuted ”.

Guillaume Sorotalways in France?

As for Guillaume Soros’ presence in France, where he had been deported, he would not be there “for a while”, according to his entourage. French President Emmanuel Macron has also stated in an interview with Jeune Afrique that “his presence is not desirable in our territory as long as he behaves in this way”, referring to the call for insurgency on the Ivory Coast launched by Guillaume Sorole on November 4 last year.

But could Guillaume Soro return to France if he wanted to? “I confirm that he has all his legal documents and that he can return to French territory, as he has always done because he is perfectly legal to be able to travel on European territory,” the lawyer concluded.


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