Guillaume Soro now unwanted on French soil


Where is Guillaume Soro currently? The question arises after the little sentence that Emmanuel Macron released yesterday in “Jeune Afrique”: “I think he is no longer in France”, the French president said about him. The former Ivorian prime minister’s entourage did not want to say more. What is certain is that France no longer wants him on its territory.

Guillaume Soro is now unwanted on French soil. Emmanuel Macron made it clear yesterday in an interview he gave to our colleagues from Jeune Afrique: “He does not need to create disorder and his presence is not desirable, on our territory, as long as he will behave in this way,” said the Frenchman. the President with reference to the call for an uprising in Côte d’Ivoire launched on 4 November 2020 from France by the former Ivorian Prime Minister.

The anger of the Ivorian authorities

A conversation that had angered the Ivorian authorities. Abidjan had asked Paris to react. In the company of the French president, it was then declared that he had sent a message to Guillaume Soro calling him “not to confuse political opposition and coups”. But the French authorities have obviously gone further. They are said to have asked the former rebel leader to leave French soil. What he would have done.

Arrest Warrant

Questions: What would happen if Guillaume Soro returned to France? Can he be arrested? According to a document obtained by RFI, Ivorian justice in any case this Wednesday transferred to the French authorities arrest warrants against Guillaume Soro and three of his relatives who were to live in France. Among them are Moussa Touré, his communications director, and Abdoulaye Fofana, his assistant.


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