great meditation at the funeral of André Kouassi Johnson


In a large meditation, yesterday, Friday, November 20, several Togolese personalities including parliamentarians but also personalities from ECOWAS and parents met to pay their last respects to André Kouassi Johnson. Committed activist, the third Vice-President of the National Assembly, founding member of the Union of the Forces of Change died suddenly after a short illness on 14 November 2020.

A giant portrait of André Kouassi Johnson has been placed on the catafalque erected on the National Assembly’s main courtyard. MPs, ministers and heads of the republic’s institutions, parents and friends present for a final tribute.

André Kouassi Johnson was the English teacher, the political activist for the Destogolais movement in the diaspora, then a founding member of the Union of Forces of Change he had been a member of the National Assembly since December 2018. Pacôme Adjourouvi, thirty-year-old friend and fourth Vice President about an emblematic figure in the political landscape: “His great abilities to listen and empathy, his deep humanism, his unwavering justice, solidarity, brotherhood were greeted unanimously and aroused respect for all. ”

André Kouassi Johnson was also a friend, worker, former Secretary of the Environment at the end of the UFC and RPT agreement, in May 2010. He has been the same, hardworking and loyal, says Jean-Claude Homawoo, a member of the Union of Forces for Change. “He is human; he had a small word for everyone, I can say that it was ours who was relaxing within our party.” André Kouassi Johnson was relaxing, but he was also for his friends, the party’s ambassador to go and solve difficult situations.

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