Ghana starts state funeral for previous

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Three months after the death of former President Jerry Rawling on 12 November 2020 in Accra, his funeral rite finally began on Sunday 24 January in the Ghanaian capital.

as reported from Accra, Marine Jeannin

It was an inauguration mass that opened the funeral for Jerry Rawlings, this Sunday afternoon. The family of the deceased was present in the front row along with President Nana Akufo-Addo and opposition party leader John Mahama to attend the sermon delivered by the Archbishop of Cape Coast.

A funeral guard was then held at the end of the day at the root of the Air Force officers. Jerry Rawlings was actually an aviation pilot before taking power in 1981.

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Official tributes take place Monday and Tuesday in the capital. The members of the government will follow each other in the glowing chapel for a final tribute to the former head of state. Certain slots will also be open to the public.

Traditional Anlo chiefs, where the Rawlings came from, this week requested the repatriation of the remains to their region in the eastern part of the country. They hoped to bury the former president there according to their own mortuary rituals. Your request will not be granted. The funeral ceremony will take place on Wednesday in Independence Square, and Jerry Rawlings will be buried in Accra Military Cemetery, as will former Ghanaian heads of state.

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