Germany stops training Malian forces

Germany has just announced its withdrawal from the EU task force in Mali in favor of military forces. Berlin believes that the political conditions for such a commitment are no longer met, but hopes to be able to maintain its participation in the UN’s Minusma forces.

as reported from Berlin, Pascal Thibault

Germany participates with 300 people in the training mission for the European Union’s Malian forces. The deterioration of relations with Bamako, the postponement of the elections and the cooperation agreement with the Russian private paramilitary group Wagner led Berlin to end its participation in this mission.

“The Malian government has not committed itself to holding elections and the possibility that soldiers we have trained to fight with Russian soldiers and violate human rights is not in line with our vision of things. That is why we will end our training mission in Mali, says German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht.

However, Berlin does not want to withdraw completely from Mali. German participation in the UN Minusma Force is maintained to ensure a minimum level of security for the population.

However, the Ministers of Defense and Foreign Affairs, Lambrecht and Baerbock, expect the UN to ensure that France’s withdrawal is compensated. Ministers mentioned in particular combat helicopters and the organization of air transport.

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