German Chancellor Olaf Scholz begins touring

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will begin a visit to three countries on Sunday 22 May. He went to Senegal, Niger and then to South Africa. This visit runs until Wednesday 25 May. During this tour, the German Chancellor will address issues of economic cooperation and security.

First leg of this visit: Senegal. Olaf Scholz stays for a few hours: he will be welcomed by his counterpart, President Macky Sall. Then an exchange with economic actors is planned. The German Chancellor will then attend the inauguration of the Dias solar cell plant.

This is a project partly funded by Germany. Its goal: to supply almost 33,000 households with electricity. And above all, “to generate for the state of Senegal, through Senelec, savings estimated at 2.5 million euros per year compared to a thermal power plant”, we read in a press release.

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Second stage, Sunday afternoon: Niamey. In Niger, Olaf Scholz visits German troops involved in the European Training Program (EUTM), whose mandate has been extended until May 2023 by the German Parliament. During a meeting with President Mohamed Bazoum, Olaf Scholz will give an update on cooperation between the two countries.

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Last stop: South Africa. With rather symbolic sequences: visits to the former prison and the South African Constitutional Court, not forgetting the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Southern Africa.

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