Gathered in Cotonou, the members of Interpol emphasize

The 195 member countries of Interpol met in Cotonou. For three days, they worked on major security issues right now: drug trafficking, money laundering, cybercrime, arms trafficking and terrorism. Six recommendations were adopted at the end of the deliberations to remove obstacles to total and genuine cooperation between the world’s police forces. The next meeting will take place in Luanda, Angola 2025.

as reported from Cotonou, Jean-Luc Aplogan

Cooperation, Interpol’s raison d’être, is not always easy. Not everyone plays the game. According to several trusts, some Interpol offices do not always respond positively to inquiries from their counterparts during legal investigations. Requests for the release or extradition of wanted persons have remained unanswered.

Making co-operation more effective The six recommendations adopted in Cotonou emphasize the mobilization and active and collective support required for good co-operation and results. The participants also want the analysis file on financial crime to be provided with information, to know everything about people and companies that are involved in criminal activities.

The final document also provides opportunities to recover stolen assets as a result of criminal activity. He makes a point of sharing information via secure platforms

There was no specific resolution on the fight against terrorism, but the meeting mentioned and dealt with it. There were four presentations on the subject, presented by Ghana, Burkina, Democratic Congo and Interpol’s Secretaries-General.

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