gas stations stormed before the psychosis of

Last week’s fuel shortages have left their mark on Guinea. While some dry gas stations closed on Wednesday, Conakryka ​​rushed to the gas stations. Rumors announced a new sold out. Official speeches are now struggling to calm down.

as reported from Conakry, Matthias Raynal

La Sonap, the public company that imports petroleum products, can very well chain press releases and field visits to make sure there is no shortage, dozens of cars and motorcycles were still in line on Thursday, June 30 in front of a Dixinn station (motorcycle taxi). “We did the whole thing last week without working,” explains one driver. “Now that it is said that the crisis is approaching, everyone is rushing to get a lot of fuel. According to the announcement from the director of Sonap, there is enough fuel, but the residents are scared. This motorcycle taxi waited two hours to refuel. He has a message for the authorities: “I ask them two things: You have to communicate a lot, you have to convey a lot of information. Also put pressure on station managers. When you see that a station is closed, come and check , because there are stations in bad faith.

The station manager, Mamoudou Konaté, received clear instructions: “We do not serve in cans, 20-liter vehicles, 5-liter motorcycles.” The state has decided to crack down on the black market. On Thursday, there was still petrol at this station, but the provisions, a 30,000-liter tanker, had to wait: One defined a safety warehouse at 2000. I arrive at 2000. »Mamoudou Konaté therefore had just over 5,000 liters to distribute, corresponding to a normal day. With prosperity, demand could recently reach 8,000 liters per day.

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