for the unions, the longer term president may have to

Niger are on their way to another round between Mahamane Ousmane and Mohamed Bazoum for the presidency. Among the challenges for the next president is security, the Covid-19 pandemic, the economy. On the side of the Nigerian unions, some are already calling on the next team to consolidate the gains or even resume social dialogue.

With our Special Correspondent in Niamey, Magali Lagrange

The Democratic Association of Workers in Niger wants to strengthen the social dialogue with the next government, while believing that the current team has made an effort. Among the most important requirements, CDTN mentions: job creation in general, recruitment in the public service, the issue of social housing and the improvement of pension conditions.

“The pension is first and foremost ridiculous, and it is paid out quarterly, which makes these pensioners from the public service miserable. We even proposed pushing the retirement age back into the public service, ”explains Idrissa Djibrilla, CDTN Secretary General.

Pensions and social protection

On the side of the Union of Trade Unions in Niger, the issue of pensions is also being raised, but also, for example, the extension of social protection and social housing. USTN refers to a memorandum of understanding that was signed with the government in 2018. But according to General Secretary Mahaman Zama Allah, less than half of the 29 points contained in this agreement have been resolved to date.

For him, we must resume the dialogue: “For some time we have really not had a basis for sincere negotiations with the government, not only because of the pandemic, but also because of this election period, which has come p. “

USTN hopes to be able to establish a dialogue with the next government as soon as it is installed.


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