for Cardinal Tumi, regional elections are not enough

The first regional elections must take place at the end of the week in Cameroon, in particular to give more autonomy to the English-speaking regions. For Cardinal Christian Tumi, former Archbishop of Douala, we must go further.

It was a promise as a result of the great national debate a year ago in Cameroon. The first regional elections held this weekend. According to the 1996 constitution, they had never been organized.

For his part, Cardinal Christian Tumi in our special correspondent in Douala, Jeanne Richard, explains that this does not go far enough. We have to go back to a federal system for him: “It does not automatically solve the problem, no. I said that there must be some autonomy for the northwest and southwest as there was when we were a federal country. It was a period in our country where we had no problems. ”

“A federated state is necessarily a divided state”

According to him, a return to this system will not divide the country: “I wonder why they did not go directly against a kind of federalism. Francophones must come to terms with the fact that a federated state is necessarily a divided state. No, we can have federalism and the country will remain completely united, because nothing less than federalism will succeed in stabilizing Cameroon. “

For the government, this should help put an end to the Anglophone crisis, which has left more than 3,000 dead and 700,000 displaced. Because the English-speaking minority is fighting for more autonomy after what it describes as decades of marginalization of the government and the French-speaking majority.

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