FNDC presents the prosecutor with new evidence against

In Guinea-Conakry, on Wednesday, May 4, the FNDC submitted a new series of evidence against the Alpha Condé regime to the Minister of Justice to facilitate the investigation. The movement was at the forefront of the crisis 2019-2020 and the protests against the former president’s third term. The group had filed a complaint against the former head of state and the bloody repression of the protest movement. The prosecutor then launched an investigation against Alpha Condé and 26 other senior officials for murder, torture or kidnapping.

In this second set of evidence, we find in particular reports from several NGOs on the crimes committed by the previous regime. The National Front for the Defense of the Constitution (FNDC) has also collected additional documents, including death certificates for the dead under oppression.

FNDC expects the prosecutor to investigate these new elements, requests further investigations, finds the victims’ families, confirms through a report what they have suffered or even has the photos and videos of the abuses examined to find the culprits. In short, that it feeds its instruction.

For Me Vincent Brengarth, one of the collective’s lawyers, it is a matter of bringing the maximum number of elements to justice so that it establishes responsibility. “We remain active in order to avoid impunity at all costs. The file is complex and the plaintiffs can help gather the evidence,” said Me Brengarth.

FNDC is also continuing its investigations and it is possible to submit a third round. “As an investigation was initiated by the prosecutor, people who feared reprisals could agree to testify,” the lawyer said.

The collective says it will monitor Guinean justice’s attitude very closely. If the case is buried or politics becomes involved, the FNDC does not rule out, as it did in 2020, arresting the International Criminal Court.

To me Vincent Brengarth, this submission of new evidence is “very good news, for the parents of the victims, for the FNDC and pro-democracy citizens”.

Me Vincent Brengarth, lawyer for FNDC, welcomes the lawsuits against Alpha Condé

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