FNDC calls on ECOWAS to delay

In Guinea, after renouncing its mobilization on 23 June, the National Front for the Defense of the Constitution (FNDC) is now calling on the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), on the eve of the Guinea Summit. regional organization held in Accra on 3 July.

The movement had suspended its demonstration on June 23 the day before, June 22, and announced a one-week ceasefire to, he says, give a chance to the dialogue requested by Prime Minister Mohamed Béavogui. After expiring on Thursday, the FNDC trusts ECOWAS to put pressure on the junta in power in Conakry and get a reasonable deadline for the transition for a speedy return to constitutional order.

“Following this ceasefire, the FNDC’s National Coordination notes with regret that no significant progress can be made in creating the appropriate conditions for reformulating the transition, with a view to a speedy return to constitutional order. That is why the FNDC seeks the goodwill of ECOWAS, to meet on 3 July 2022 to ask the CNRD [Comité national du rassemblement pour le développement] opening a framework for dialogue between the CNRD, political actors and civil society, facilitating ECOWAS, setting a reasonable deadline for the transition to consensus, instead of being unilaterally imposed on the CNRD in six months, respecting fundamental rights and freedoms, in particular the rule of law; to demonstrate in accordance with Guinea’s national, regional and international commitments. “It seems fundamental to us that ECOWAS intervenes to lead the dialogue and thus promote the return to constitutional order in Guinea through an inclusive organization of free and open elections,” said Mamadou Billo Bah, FNDC’s Mobilization and Branch Officer.

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