fishermen suffering from a “mysterious disease” of the skin


In Thiaroye, in a suburb of Dakar, fishermen returned from their voyage this week with pustules and pimples on their skin. The causes are not yet known, but the pollution trail is mainly advanced.

A “mysterious disease” has affected about 600 people since Tuesday, November 17. Several ministers then went there and a crisis committee was set up.

The fishing pier in Thiaroye sur mer, in a suburb of Dakar, is deserted by boats. All activities at sea are interrupted, it is time to better understand the disease that affects the fish.

This action worries Pape Seck, canoe captain, from a village east of Dakar: “it’s very difficult not to work because I have to feed the family back in the village”.

Pope Seck comes from three days in hospital where he began to treat the pimples that had spread on his nose, hands and lips.

“It hurts a lot, especially when the sea air or sea water passes over the buttons. It hurts a lot anyway. I think it is the wastewater in the sea that is the cause of this disease, because when the water touches me it stings my skin ”.

Ibrahim Mbaye, Departmental Fisheries Inspector of Pikine, called for the patience of fishermen, for their health but also for fish consumers: “So far we have not had any contaminated fish species, but there are none.” “The area where pollution is suspected. We took some money over there and we are now waiting for the lab analyzes”.

According to the Ministry of Health, the first cases are starting to heal and no contamination has been found at present at the population level.


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