Finansinspektionen is accused of fraud and

The Anti-Corruption Agency announces the arrest of a senior Nigerian administrative official. This is Ahmed Idris, Auditor General of Public Finances, accused of fraud and money laundering. This official from the administration would have embezzled almost EUR 184 million.

Ahmed Idris, who was arrested on Monday, May 16, in Nigeria, was appointed to the Financial Supervision Authority in June 2015. Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC)anti-corruption agency, accuses him of “extracting funds through false consulting companies”.

Ahmed Idris is also alleged to have carried out “illegal activities with the help of agents, family members and close associates”, the commission said. This official must then have invested money in properties in Abuja and Kano. Ahmed Idris did not respond to several calls from the anti-corruption agency, which ended with him being placed under surveillance and arrested in Kano on Monday.

The lawyers have not yet commented on this case, which concerns an official who has served since then Muhammadu Buhari launched its comprehensive program of the fight against corruption. A controversial policy, in that critics of the government regularly condemn a witch hunt. On the contrary, the arrest of Ahmed Idris proves that this transparency campaign affects everyone.

EFCC arrests Ahmed Idris, federal auditor for N80 billion fraud

Leader of the EFCC was arrested on Monday, May 16, 2022, acting auditor of the federation, Mr. Ahmed Idris, …

– EFCC Nigeria (@officialEFCC) 16 May 2022

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