finally, non-restrictive measures against coronavirus

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Finally, we are aware of the measures taken by the authorities to combat the spread of Covid-19. After the speech was announced and then interrupted at the last minute by President Bah N’Daw, Monday night, a senior National Defense Council finally met on Tuesday afternoon at Koulouba Palace. In the end, it’s a bit like the mountain that feeds a mouse.

None of the drastic measures originally planned were adopted … No curfew, no closure of schools, restaurants or markets.

What was finally decided were simple “reinforcements” of the systems that were already in place: reinforcement of preventive measures in public areas, through hand washing, reinforcement of monitoring and screening, reinforcement of awareness, patient care capacity.

Avoid a new challenge

The authorities are choosing the cautious way of trying to limit the spread of coronavirus, which has accelerated in recent days. No restrictive or restrictive action. This was what the Malians expected. And that is undoubtedly what prevailed when these choices were made. The text of the speech that the president was to give on Monday night had been “leaked” before it was released, and the planned measures immediately raised concerns, especially on the economic front.

This spectacular turnaround can be seen as a sign of a lack of preparation, of a visual navigation of the authorities, which radically changes its strategy overnight. It can also be seen as a sign of listening and attention. The authorities finally met the expectations of public opinion and thus avoided a new front of protest. During this period already charged socially, with serial strikes and political, with the installation that has always been expected and always controversial, by the future National Transitional Council.

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