Females vaccinating cattle in Bougamara, a

Bougamara is a locality located approximately fifteen kilometers southeast of the city of Kiffa in Mauritania.

In this locality we find one of the 150Bovine vaccination parks built by the regional support project for pastoralism in the Sahel. But this is not the first reason we come to Bougamara. We are there, because here we have trained female vaccinators. An initiative that somewhat violates social conventions.

150 vaccination parks, the total cost of this program is estimated at $ 1,305,000. And the price of a typical vaccination park is estimated at $ 8700. The matter is serious because, as in all countries in the Sahel, the lack of infrastructure poses serious health risks to the herds. Such a program helps bring farmers closer to health and vaccination centers.


Kalidou Camara, Departmental Inspector for Livestock from the Ministry of Rural Development in Kiffa.

Aïcha Mint Rajel Samba, cattle vaccinator

Loghneya Mint Moustapha, cattle vaccinator.

Production: Sayouba Traoré

Instructor: Ewa Piedel

(Rerun March 29)


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