faculty closures have effects on lecturers in

In Mauritania, schools and universities due to reopen next Monday will eventually be closed until 11 January. A decision was made on Wednesday at the end of the Council of Ministers due to the increase in cases of death and pollution of Covid-19. In recent weeks, the number of deaths has risen from 119 to 349, as the number of newly infected has crossed the threshold of 14,000.

as reported from Nouakchott, Salem Mejbour

Schools and universities have been closed again since 4 December. This is the third time since March. But this second postponement of less than a month worries teachers and parents of students.

Mody Mohmamed Camara is the president of a parent association. The former health minister says he understands the measures the government has taken to deal with the pandemic. “The authorities, who have a comprehensive overview of the pandemic, have decided to take steps that we can only support and approve. Now we wonder that classes are closed, that mosques are always more or less present, that markets are still open

Teachers in the private sector, on the other hand, are largely affected by the extended school closures.

“It is a disaster for thousands of fathers who do not receive a salary when schools close their doors. Unlike public teachers, we live in fear of not being able to constantly give a daily shame. Water, electricity, rent, we are not even talking about it, ”laments Moustapaha Mohamed, Secretary-General of the National Union of Private Teachers.

Teachers in the private sector are demanding an eight-month pay gap for 2019-2020. And the education of children is being undermined.


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