expand in arrests of alternate unionists

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Concern in the Togolese trade union world. In recent days, several teachers’ union members, members of a newly established center, have been arrested by the gendarmerie.

as reported from Lomé, Peter Sassou Dogbé

It all started on Sunday night in Kara, the rapporteur of the Togolese teachers’ union was arrested by the anti-gang gendarmerie. Police are pursuing other members of the newly formed union, which is launching a strike slogan.

Several union members have since been hidden. The Synergy of Workers of Togo (STT) then joined in and asked the authorities to suspend the case for negotiation.

Police then entered the Synergy chat room.

“A team of four or five opened the door. I said: who are you? And there they answered me: We are from the gendarmerie, testifies Nadou Lawson, coordinator of STT.

According to several sources, trade unionists are wanted for forgery, use of forgery in writing, for not having held their constituent assembly in the required forms and for having drawn up lists of participation in this virtual congress if signatories do not recognize it for this purpose.

The atmosphere is worrying in the trade union world for Nadou Lawson: “Even though there is a mistake, there are bigger mistakes in our country than that!”

Several civil society organizations are concerned about this decline in freedom of expression and association. So far, eight union prisons have been detained. Officially, we do not talk much about it.


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