Emmanuel Macron wants to “reconsider all” devices

French President Emmanuel Macron delivered his traditional speech to the armies on Wednesday, July 13, on the eve of the French National Day.

In his intervention for the Armed Forces, from the Hotel de Brienne where the Ministry of Defense’s headquarters are located, Emmanuel Macron spoke at length about the future of Operation Barkhane, which is currently experiencing a logistical challenge to withdraw from Mali in just six months, he recalled.

This resignation after eight years of presence was “obvious”, the army chief reminded and evoked the exaggerations from the junta on the ground in Bamako, ready to allied with Wagner’s Russian mercenaries and to form alliances with certain jihadist groups.

But in the eyes of Emmanuel Macron, Barkhane’s efforts was not in vain, having made it possible to avoid the emergence of a territorial caliphate in the Sahel. France, he insisted, will therefore continue its fight against jihadist groups, but in a different way. And with the anchor, no longer Mali, but Niger.

This military presence will now be more discreet and will require a review of all French arrangements in Africa. The first arbitrations in this new African policy are expected at the end of the year.

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