ECOWAS virologists meet to prepare for

A meeting of the WHO Emergency Committee of the World Health Organization is scheduled for Thursday 21 July to address monkeypox. This infectious disease, which is characterized by the appearance of a rash, continues to develop in the United States and Europe. In West Africa, cases have been confirmed in Nigeria, Ghana and Benin. A training session for virologists from the 15 ECOWAS countries ended on Wednesday 20 July in Dakar at the initiative of the West African Health Organization.

as reported from Dakar, Charlotte Idrac

“Do not panic”, assures Doctor Ousmane Faye, head of the virology department at the Pasteur Institute in Dakar: monkeypox (“monkeypox” in English) is endemic in several African countries. But in the face of the resurgence of these cases, we must anticipate:

“There were few laboratories that could make diagnoses, now the idea is that everyone can do it at home, because the earlier the diagnosis is made, the more effective the measures that need to be taken are. How to test, how to interpret the results, all of that was discussed in this workshop, so it’s really a package that should enable laboratories to be equipped to test cases that are suspected in their country.”

Virologists from ECOWAS countries will therefore return home with kits common diagnosis. “It is important that we have the same kits and the same diagnostic techniques, explains Anges Yadouleton, head of the laboratory of hemorrhagic and viral fever in Benin, which will allow us to harmonize the results and draw reliable conclusions and go very quickly. , not to be overwhelmed We don’t want what happened with Covid-19 to see the light of day again.

Among the recommendations during the workshop: strengthening surveillance, especially at the borders.

For Dr. Abdourahmane Sow, head of the public health laboratory service at the West African Health Organization, we have to anticipate.

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