ECOWAS reminds Mali of its commitments and

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ECOWAS wants President Bah N’Daw and his transitional government to respect its roadmap. Elections are due to take place across Mali in 14 months now. And in order not to give way, at the slightest temptation to prevent this process, the Heads of State of ECOWAS demand the immediate dissolution of the National Committee of Public Safety (CNSP).

as reported from Abuja, Moses Gomis

The Heads of State and Government of ECOWAS first listened to their Malian counterpart, Bah N’Daw, discuss his progress in implementing the roadmap. This was followed by the presentation of Goodluck Jonathan’s report, The mediator for the West African organization.

The leaders of ECOWAS then reminded Mali in one unequivocal voice of its commitments: careful respect for the timetable, respect for the timetable for its establishment. of all bodies. And above all a priority, the dissolution of the CNSP, the National Committee on Public Safety.

The Malian Transitional Charter states that “the CNSP is dissolved after the creation of the Transitional Bodies”. Despite the creation of the president and his transitional government, no official action in Mali has caused the CNSP to disappear.

Created on August 19th, this political-military structure is still led by Assimi Goïta, colonel of the armed forces and leader of the Putschists. As the current Vice President of the Malian Transition, Assimi Goïta was likely to be with Bah N’Daw on Saturday during this 58th ECOWAS Video Conference Summit,

Assimi Goïta remained silent during the discussions. The minutes of the conference of Heads of State and Government did not allow him to speak.


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