distribution of voter cards before the vote is held

In Senegal, preparations for the parliamentary elections on Sunday 31 July are underway. Around seven million Senegalese have been called to the polls. One of the challenges is participation. There are only a few days left to collect voter cards from the commissions set up in the sub-prefectures or town halls.

as reported from Dakar, Charlotte Idrac

In a room in the town hall in Dakar-Plateau, the cards are placed on a desk in alphabetical order. Their keepers arrive in spades and dreary.

“At registration they asked me to come back in July so I could easily get the card, everything went well,” says one voter. Another said: “It is well organized, we have no difficulties. It is important because I am a citizen. »

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Mohammed Bamba Mbengue has also just withdrawn his new card, following a request for renewal. Earlier in the day, his wife had drawn a blank. “My wife has not yet received her card, she registered at the same time as me. Unfortunately, there are always shortcomings, organizational and communication problems. You have to be persistent in order to vote.”

However, according to Issa Sall, member and spokesperson of Cena, the Autonomous National Electoral Commission, the process is proceeding correctly.

“For this election, there were 200,000 new registrants or requests for change of election address or changes on the election card. A week ago we were at almost 40% of the payout rate for all cards. Since we have not recorded any incidents on registrations, let alone on the distribution of cards, there are always delays! »

“People are going to wait until the last minute,” says a Cena controller. In the national area, the cards must be collected until Saturday inclusive, the evening before the vote.

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