disagreements within Ceni on the eve of the presidential election

Guineans are called to the polls tomorrow Sunday to elect the next president of the republic. In the current, outgoing President Alpha Condé, candidate for a third term after the controversial adoption of a new constitution. In front of him, eleven competitors, including his main opponent Cellou Dalein Diallo. Everything seemed clear, but on the eve of the election, some members of the Independent National Electoral Commission (Céni) decided to leave their reserve to condemn shortcomings in the electoral process.

as reported from Conakry, Carol Valade

The material is sent, the ballot papers, the minutes, the ballot papers are in place. Voter card distributed on 90%. The agents are operational. According to Mamadi 3 Kaba, spokesman for Céni, everything is ready for the presidential election tomorrow.

Finally, it was without counting this declaration of surprise signed by four institutional commissioners. They show on five pages alleged violations and violations of the Election Act.

The parties have only one report per. Office, it’s up to them to photocopy it. But it is forbidden to take a picture, the result sheets still have no legal value. In short, according to them, political parties have no evidence if they want to legally challenge certain results.

Their report still points to duplicates, voters with multiple cards, but also cards that have disappeared in some localities.

Concluding the statement: “Doubt is emphasizing the credibility of the process.” This opens the door to likely disputes after the election.

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The incident took place in a military camp in Kindia, 130 km east of Conakry. The authorities announce the opening of an investigation.

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A clash of mutineers and loyalist forces ensued, triggering a scene of panic