Diary Sow, “best student in Senegal”, when

The disappearance of the young Senegalese student for more than five days has caused uproar in her country. Entitled “Best Student in Senegal”, she was already known for writing a first novel. An investigation is underway.

as reported from Dakar, Thea Ollivier

On social networks, a wave of solidarity calls for finding Diary Sow, a second-year student of science preparatory class at the Lycée Louis le Grand in Paris. His disappearance was confirmed by the Senegalese student management service in Paris after discussions with his residence and the principals of his school. An unjustified absence for more than five days that gives cause for concern.

The services of the Senegalese embassy and consulate in France are mobilized to find the young woman living in the capital’s 13th arrondissement. “The police and the competent French services are informed and use the care that is their responsibility,” said in a statement on behalf of his family Serigne Mbaye Thiam, Minister of Water and Sanitation, who is also his Godfather.

Known for her peers thanks to the title of “best student in Senegal”, she is admired for her brilliant career. She has already published a first novel, Sous le visage d’un ange, published by Harmattan.

Senegalese students also start today, Sunday, January 10, with field surveys to find her, photo and posters in hand in all districts of Paris.


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