Deputy Pape Diop joins the presidential coalition and

Pending the Constitutional Court’s decision on the results of the legislative elections, the Benno Bokk Yaakar presidential coalition finally achieved an absolute majority in the National Assembly. However, this majority is not comfortable, while the opposition inter-coalition Yewwi Askane Wi-Walu retains its 80 parliamentary seats.

as reported from Dakar, Thea Olivier

“We must avoid leading to a deadlock in the functioning of our institutions,” declared Pape Diop, one of the three deputies who were not part of either of the two main coalitions in the contest. A “national assembly placed under the control of the opposition will lead to an institutional crisis”, he believes, because “the president of the republic would have to rule by decree, which would be a setback for our democracy”. Hence his decision to join President Macky Sall’s camp.

He thus joins the parliamentary group, which is set up by the presidential coalition Benno Bokk Yaakar. Thanks to his presence, the power camp now has 83 seats out of 165.

The former president of the National Assembly, at the head of the Bokk Guiss Guiss Liguey coalition, won a seat in the last general election, where the opposition and the majority came at the throat and positioned him and two other deputies as “kingmakers”.

With this extra seat, the ruling coalition certainly achieves an absolute majority, but which is still uncomfortable because the slightest defection can cause them to lose a vote, political scientist Moussa Diaw estimates. The eyes are therefore now riveted on the two deputies who do not. is not yet stated about the camp they were going to.

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